Down the memory lane

As I dress up my daughter for her first day at school the last 2.8 years flash forward in front of my eyes and I can’t help but take a trip down the memory lane. Time flies so fast. It seems like yesterday when my I held my little baby in my arms for the first time. And already it is her first day at school.
From a screaming infant to a curious toddler to a walking and talking robot to a  nonstop chatterbox the journey has been eventful and full of surprises, albeit pleasant ones. I cannot help but wonder when my gurgling and cooing baby turned into a little big girl.
There is a turmoil of emotions in my mind and I don’t know how to feel. I find myself oscillating between elation and apprehension. One part of me is swelling with satisfaction and pride watching my little baby in school uniform while the mother in me is filled with anxiety. While I am extremely happy and excited that my tiny bundle of joy is on the verge of a new beginning, I also realise with a lump in my throat that my baby is slowly getting ready to spread her wings and soar high in the sky while I will slowly fade away into a distant spectator. On one hand, I am overjoyed that my daughter is taking her first steps towards adulthood, on the other hand I also feel sad that slowly my baby’s childhood innocence will be lost and she will soon be weighed down with the responsibilities of growing up.

 But I think in the end happiness and pride overcome all other emotions and I can wish for nothing but the best for my dear daughter as she takes her first steps towards this new journey. 

2 thoughts on “Down the memory lane

  1. Hey.. you have aptly expressed the feelings of any mother when her little one steps out, into the World out of her HOME Sweet HOME.. Similar feelings flash in my mind when my daughter moves on from Preprimary to Primary section in her school today… She is really a big girl now.. so matured.. so caring… more responsible than before.. they grow up so fast..

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