Am I a bad mother?

Inspired by my childhood poems, decided to write one…

Am I a bad mother  if 

Sometimes I feel like completing a meal in one go?

Or feel like watching an undisturbed round of my  favorite TV show?

Sometimes I feel like spending exclusive time with hubby
Maybe a candle light dinner or simply watching a movie ?  

If  sometimes I miss the highs of my full time job?
And giving  it all up for my kid sometimes makes me quietly sob?

If sometimes an uninterrupted cup of tea I would like to enjoy?
Or sometimes I just don’t feel like playing with jigsaw puzzles and other toys  ?

Sometimes I feel like spending time with friends,
And going for shopping and dining trips immense?

If sometimes I  feel bored of the cajoling and coaxing
And ensuring my child finishes her meal sometimes I find taxing?

If sometimes with the tantrums I am unable to put up with
And I feel  bored of narrating stories, singing lullabies and brushing teeth?

If sometimes spending some ‘me’ time is all I wish?
Maybe reading my favorite book or just lying around as much as I please?

I love my daughter so much, she’s the best gift I could receive
But just sometimes if I miss the above, dear God will you forgive?
Holding my child in my arms, being able to touch and caress
Are out of the world feelings that I would never trade for anything else. 
But just sometimes I miss  life’s little pleasures
And being able to enjoy them is all the heart desires

No I don’t think I am a bad mother
I am but a human being just  like  any other

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