Movies from ‘my’ time…..

With so many new movies coming out I nowadays find very few movies that I can relate to. When I was younger, my parents would often ridicule the movies we watched stating that the movies ‘nowadays’ are no match for the movies during ‘their’ times while I silently wondered how those slow paced movies with bulky actors could possibly be better. 15 years on, I understand what they mean and I feel the same way. So while the next generation may mock me for my choice of movies, I would still like to list down my favorite movies from my generation ūüôā

1. Pyar toh hona hi tha
This is my all time favorite movie. I have¬†fond memories¬†of watching this movie nearly 15 years ago with my best friends. I still remember the dialog “aisa hi hoon main” which made us all fall in¬† love¬†with¬†Ajay Devgan¬† ūüôā¬†I think this was the starting point of Ajay Devgan’s career shift¬† from being an action hero¬† to romantic/comedy movies and he pulled it off well.¬†The Ajay Devgan-Kajol¬† on screen chemistry coupled with a few comic scenes makes this a most entertaining film.¬†¬†¬†
2. Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge
Another¬†hit movie of my generation . I’m¬† sure every girl from my generation¬† will have this movie¬† in their¬†top 5 list. The Raj-Simran pair played by Shahrukh-Kajol romance on screen really makes one want to¬† fall in¬† love.The scenic European outdoors add the cherry on top of the cake and make this movie a visual delight.
3. Rang de basanti
The story of 5 youngsters who get inspired by India’s freedom¬† struggle and rebel against present day corruption. Each of the 5 characters play their parts to perfection. ¬†I liked this movie, because it was different, it was a welcome change from the mediocre films coming out in those days. This film made the audience sit up and take notice.¬† All in all a wonderful movie, makes the hair on your hand stand up.
4.  Dil toh paagal hai 
Another of my favorite love stories. ¬†Madhuri plays the role of a girl living in her own dreams and Shahrukh of a person who doesn’t believe in love. How they gradually realise that they are destined for each other formulates the rest of the story. Madhuri’s dance performances leave the audience spellbound and the soft romantic music makes you want to listen to it over and over again.¬†
5. Dil chata hai
This movie has a certain charm about it which makes it very likable. ¬†This is the story of three friends and their journey from carefree college guys to mature adults. I bet each of us has this phase in life when we are young and without a care about the world. The three lead actors fit into their character’s skins very well, be it Akshaye Khanna ¬†as the serious brooding guy in the group or Saif as the confused womaniser or Aamir Khan as the joker of the group. That combined with Aamir khan’s comic sense of timing and Preity Zinta’s perky self makes this a movie a must watch.

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