Womanly women

When we were at my first job, me and my girl gang had created some ‘womanly woman’ rules. We were fresh out of college and did not have a care about the world. We loved a good laugh. What’s a ‘womanly woman’ you wonder? Well , read the following rules and you will know for yourself. All womanly women possess these qualities and all those aspiring to be a womanly  women  should  adhere to them .
Note: I am sorry if this post is offensive to some people, but it was completely unintentional. I do not mean to mock anyone,  my only intention behind writing this post was to relive those good memories with friends.
  1. Womanly women have long hair.
  2. Womanly women have long nails gleaming with nail polish.
  3. Womanly  women don’t  laugh loudly, they shyly giggle.
  4. Womanly woman always sit with their legs together and never with their legs apart.
  5. Womanly women are experts in draping saris and can walk without tripping while wearing one.
  6. Womanly women bat their eyelids when  speaking to a member of the opposite sex.
  7. Womanly women always wear a bindi even if they are wearing western outfits.
  8. Womanly women love wearing bangles on their hands and ‘paayal’ on their feet.
  9. Womanly women are soft spoken.
  10. Womanly women are pious and believe in fasting.
  11. Womanly women are the unquestionable authorities  when it comes to religious customs and traditions.
  12. Womanly women can cook and love cooking.

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