Moms for a better world..

This post is being written for #MomsforaBetterWorld Project for women’s web


What is the one lesson I would like to teach my child?  I think it would be treating women equally.  No matter if you’re a boy or girl you need to learn to treat women equally and to not accept second grade treatment.
More often than not women are objectified,  sidelined and treated like a doormat be it at the workplace, on the streets or even in their own homes. Your boss may give preferential treatment to  a male colleague or your brother at home may have special privileges. When both you and your husband get back home after a tiring day at work, you will be expected to help with chores while your husband rests. Your counterparts in villages and even in cities for that matter, are not allowed access to even basic facilities let alone a decent education just because they belong to the fairer sex.  In every walk of life you will come across people who will try to pull you down because you are a woman.  My lesson to you my dear daughter would be not to take it lying down. Don’t accept it as your fate. Don’t make it a way of life. Don’t consider yourself weak just because you belong to the fairer sex and don’t let those who think you are weak bog you down. You have equal rights much as anybody else and if someone is depriving you of them, don’t be afraid to put up a fight. 
Just as you’d like to be treated equally, don’t forget to give the same treatment to your children.  Don’t discriminate between  your kids on the basis of their gender.


If I had a son, my lesson to him would be the same. Treat all women equally. Not only your mother, sister or ones in your near family and friend circle but also the girls on the street, the elderly maid, the vegetable vendors,  the sales girl in the store, your colleagues at the workplace. They are already struggling,  fighting daily with the inequalities of society and are tired of always ending up second place. Of always having to put up a fight to attain what they are entitled to. So have some consideration and don’t deprive them of what is rightfully theirs.
Sad it is but true that our society is biased towards men . If my children learn to refuse to be part of this favoritism, I’ll be proud of having done my bit to make the world a better place. 


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