Flexible work options. ..

Are you one of those moms who has quit a promising career for child care reasons due to lack of flexible work options? Or are you one of those working moms who find it extremely hard to leave their child in the care of others while they slog in a 9 to 6 office job and are desperately seeking a change in situation?  Or are you simply fed up of your demanding job with no fixed work hours, extremely tight deadlines,  expectations of working late/over weekends,  always worrying about appraisal / rating ? Or Are you looking for genuine work from home options but are doubting the authenticity of the part time work from home hoardings/advertisements flooding the market which claim to offer good income for housewives/part time workers?
Whatever be your reasons, here are some flexible work from home options. They may not pay as much as a full time job but are definitely options worth considering.


There are several freelancing web sites that offer variety of jobs. Most of the time people have a misconception that such sites offer only software related jobs. However these sites offer jobs ranging from accounting, writing, research to legal and financial fields.

  1. www.upwork.com (formerly odesk.com)
  2.  www.freelancer.in
  3. https://www.elance.com/


How they work

Clients post jobs on these sites. Freelancers need to register (one time process which is mostly free) and apply to jobs. Depending on the client, sometimes there may be an interview.  Most of the times these jobs are flexible with respect to work timing /hours of work per day. So you can opt to only apply for jobs which are less demanding and suit your requirements. Of course there is a lot of competition and you need to build up a reputation in order to get the jobs you desire.  There is also a possibility of getting duped by fraudulent client so be careful and read client reviews before taking something up.
I have personally taken up jobs from upwork.com and can vouch for it provided you take up jobs from genuine clients.

Food/Travel blog/Hobby blog

Do you love experimenting in the kitchen or are passionate about travelling? Why restrict your overtures to yourself when you can easily use your hobby to earn some extra income? You can easily do so by starting a blog in the field of your choice.

My sister has recently started a food blog (www.yourhungerstop.com) and it has got a good response so far.
How it works
As your sites gets popular,  you can earn advertising revenue.  You can also tie up with with e-retailers like amazon/flipkart so that when people make a purchase on these sites you earn money. Be sure to publicize your blog via social networking sites like Facebook/Twitter. Also join relevant groups where interested people can easily access your work. If it’s a food blog you can add additional information about the nutritional value of certain recipes. If it’s a travel blog you can add reviews of tourist attractions/hotels.
Of course you need to have patience till your site gets popular. Also the revenue you earn may not be that much at least initially till you gain popularity but its a great way of combining hobby with income.

Part time job sites

There are several sites which connect you with employers who are looking for part time jobs. Most of the times these are small companies who do not want to invest in office space and other infrastructure. These are different from the freelanceing sites that I mentioned above in that the jobs posted here are more like regular jobs but offer flexibility in terms of work hours and work from home options.


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