5 mantras for a happy relationship. ..

1) Conquer anger
How many times have we lost our temper on our loved ones? How many times have we said  hurtful things in a fit or rage and then felt miserable about it?  Anger is one virtue that turns us into animals, makes us say/do stuff that we regret later on. Anger renders us incapable of thinking rationally and acting reasonably. I know its easier said than done,  but next time you feel your blood boiling and temper rising, just walk away from the situation. Nine times out of ten this will work.

3)Let go of Ego
I would say that in most cases,  Ego is THE biggest cause of misunderstandings and grief. Many a times we want to say ‘sorry’ or ‘I Love You’ but let our egos come in the way. The moment we want to say/do something but simply hold back because it hurts our pride to take the first step,  we let our egos win. But our relationship looses. So next time don’t hold back on calling up that old friend or giving that impulsive hug to your loved ones.

3) Accept unconditionally
Many times we dislike certain qualities in our loved ones and we expect them to change. And often we get annoyed /irritated and even dissapointed  when people don’t act as per our expectations. We simply refuse to accept people /situations at face value and this not only frustrates us but also ruins our relationships. What we must understand is that the root cause of our misery is our inability to accept our near ones unconditionally and not anything else. We are the ones to blame, not them.
Its really easy to point fingers at others but sometimes just try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. When you try to see the situation from the other person’s perspective,  perhaps you will be in a better position to understand why he/she behaves in a certain way.

4) Don’t be judgemental
No person big or small likes to be criticised. You may critique your little ones and never give it a second thought. But the fact is that even little kids feel hurt when they are criticised. Same goes with adults. You maybe very vocal and express your opinion frankly. But just keep in mind that it may sometimes be hurtful to be too frank. So never ridicule your loved ones especially in public.  Respect their opinions/ decisions without subjecting them to unnecessary scrutiny.

5) Communication is the key
In any relationship,  it is very important to constantly communicate with one another. I had a friend who I was very close to. We would call each other up several times in a day. However after she got married she moved to a distant city and slowly we kind of drifted apart.  Communication is vital for any relationship be it between spouses or parent and child or between siblings. So don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call your brother/sister,  Don’t forget to ask your kids what they did at school, however tired you are don’t forget to discuss your day with your spouse. Even 10 minutes of conversation per day goes a long way in building a healthy relationship.


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