Nirbhaya, Whole Country Let Down..

As I read about the Jyoti Singh Pandey (who we know better as Nirbhaya) case juvenile walking free, I’m devastated. Not only devastated but I feel helpless. And angry. And frustrated. I am boiling with rage but at the same time I feel helpless. There is a turmoil of emotions in my mind ranging from anger to frustration to resentment and despair.

My first thought goes out to the unlucky girl’s hapless parents. It will be such a blow to them to see the man who brutally tortured their daughter walk free.
My second thought goes to my litte daughter.  I’m scared to death that she will grow up in a society where such animals are allowed to roam free.

I feel like weeping my heart out. I feel let down by the government, by the judicial system of my country.

It pains me immensely when I realise that justice has been denied to the innocent girl who unnecessarily lost her life.  If Jyoti’s assault and tragic death was ghastly, than letting her perpetrators so easily off the hook is even worse.

I feel like hanging my head in shame that I live in a country where we cannot rely on the judicial system,  that all we cannot do much beyond hoping and praying for justice to be served. That’s instead of praying to give her parents the strength to put up with the loss of their beloved daughter, we have to pray to God to give them the strength to put up with this injustice.

I can go on and on but no matter how much I write,  the pain and the hurt doesn’t go away.  The injustice done to Jyoti will forever be etched in my mind. As I carry on with my daily routine, I can’t help but feel bad about the fact that I will have to live with this resentment and fear for the rest of my life.


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