5 lessons learnt from my mother…..

When I was a child I once read a story where a little girl is lost in a village. When the villagers try to help her find her mother by asking what her mother looks like, she has only one thing to say “my  mother is the most beautiful woman in the world !!” . When the child is finally reunited with her mother the villagers find the mother to be an aged woman with saggy skin , sunken eyes and just one tooth. But the child still thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world!
The only reason behind narrating this story here is to stress on the fact that every child feels their mother is the best.
So excuse me if you feel that I’m bragging about my mum but in this post I’d like to list down some qualities of my mother which I wish I had.
1. Patience
It would not be wrong to say that my mother is the epitome of patience, particularly when it comes to dealing with kids. No amount of provocation can get her angry. No matter what we did as kids, I don’t remember a single day where she yelled at us. I never kept my toys in place , I never finished my meal, I slept till late,  I never folded my clothes , the list is endless. Yet , I don’t remember a single day when mum yelled at me for not doing any of this . I do so wish I had that kind of patience,  particularly while dealing with my 5 year old.  Every single morning I resolve to be patient with my child just like my mum and every night I go to bed with the regret of having failed to keep my resolution.

2. Compassion
My mum is a compassionate person. She never hesitates to help the needy. She has helped innumerable people and still continues to help people in her small ways. What she does may seem insignificant to most people but ask those who have benefited from her generosity and they can’t stop praising her. Every maid who has worked for her can vouch for her.  She ensures all the domestic help is well fed, right from the housemaid to the driver, the gardener, the old man who sweeps the garden and does other odd jobs to the person who picks up the garbage.  We all give gifts to our friends and family members but very rarely do we see anyone buying new gifts and giving them to the less fortunate ones without expecting anything in return. My mum is one of those rare people.
I don’t think I can be this generous even if I wanted to, for it takes an inbuilt quality, a genuine compassion for people and a true desire to help.

3) Contentment
My mum is a content person. She always counts her blessings and is happy with what she has. Not once have I seen her asking for anything or making any sort of demands to my father. It’s an extraordinary quality to be content for rarely are people happy with their lives , they always want more . Alas, I don’t have this quality, I’m materialistic, I have a set of goals in front of me in the pursuit of which I sometimes forget to be thankful for what I have.

I know all mothers will go to any extent and will make numerous sacrifices for the sake of their children.  But when I look back and think of all the sacrifices my mum has made for me I can’t help but wonder if I’m capable of doing the same for my kid . Be it waking up at 4 AM with us for studies or sacrificing going to outings and family functions because of our exams or just dedicating her whole life to simply raise us well, the list is endless.  I am sure I cannot be so selfless and I will falter. I don’t think I’m capable of dedicating my whole being to only raising my child, I have my selfish needs which sometimes compromise my ability as a mother.
5) Tolerance
I’m not referring to religious or any other type of tolerance here but my mum’s ability to endure any kind of discomfort with a smile on her face.
I don’t remember a single day when my mum has complained or grumbled about anything. Even if she is physically ill, she doesn’t make it known. The heat never bothers her, there is no food in the world that she dislikes.
I wish I had this ability for try as I might, I cannot mask my annoyance and easily get miffed when things don’t go my way.


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