Lessons from dad..


In my previous post, I listed 5 qualities of my mother which I wish I had.  While I was writing that post, I wanted to do a similar one for my dad.
When I was a child there used to be a TV commercial where a little girl would say “My daddy strongest !!” I know that to every girl their dad is their superhero, so in this post I’d like to highlight some qualities of my superhero that I admire 🙂
I had actually set out to write about 5 qualities but as I started writing I realised I had so much to write that restricting myself to 5 just qualities did not seem fair. So please bear with me about the long post, but it truly comes from my heart…

1) Positivity
My father is a very positive person. No matter how bad the situation is and how slim the chances of success are, he always sees the positive side of things. It is this positivity, that has helped me keep going and sail through many tough situations in life. He has always motivated me and continues to do so. No matter how tough the situation is, he exudes such confidence and optimism that makes the problem very insignificant. No task is too difficult for him, nothing is impossible. He has a strong but not blind faith in God is which I believe is his main  source of strength and positivity. His positivity and determination to succeed in the face of adversity is what sets him apart and what I admire most about him.

2) Meticulous
My dad is very meticulous and organised. He goes about his everyday tasks with such precision and such attention to detail that leaves no scope for error. He plans everything in advance, be it a holiday or a business trip or even grocery shopping for that matter!  Not only planning work, but all his personal belongings are well organised and in place so much so that if someone meddles around with his stuff he is sure to find out.

3) Generosity
I guess this is one quality that my mum and dad have in common. And what a quality to share with your spouse for how can one partner give openly  without the whole hearted support of the other? Who would think of distributing diwali sweets at the local petrol pump? Or offering gifts to the sales people at the local medical store for that matter? Is it not an in built quality to do good,  to be compassionate that leads him towards such good deeds? Isn’t such compassion worth admiration?

4) Adaptability
My father is very open to adapting new things. Normally when people reach a certain age, they do not like to learn new things or move out of their comfort zone.  Rather , I would say most people at any age are resilient to accepting new things particularly new technologies. But not my dad. He keeps abreast with the latest technologies.  He uses all the latest software on his computer, he books his tickets online, he transitioned to ebooks from paper books, he effortlessly uses the latest smartphone and tablet, and is never hesitant to do anything online. This ability to adapt to new things particularly technology, l believe is very essential to keep up with today’s fast changing world.

5) Communication
My dad has excellent communication skills. He has the ability to convince people, not just convince but he can make others see his way. He is an expert at building a rapport and makes friends wherever he goes. He can begin a conversation with any random person on the street and strike a chord instantly. This is a great quality for dealing with people for it certainly ensures their willing cooperation which otherwise might be difficult.

6) Enthusiasm
My dad loves all good things in life, be it fancy cars, trying different cuisines, buying branded stuff, travelling to new places or enjoying the occasional peg of an expensive whisky. Most people hold back on enjoying the fine pleasures in life not because of monetary constraints but because they feel guilty or are afraid of indulging in recreational activities. But not my dad. He lives life to the fullest.


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