From a pre school to primary..

June is here and my daughter’s school will reopen shortly.  My daughter will soon be in class 1 and I can’t help but reminisce about the last few years.  3 years back sometime during this period was her first day of preschool and I was filled with apprehension as well as elation.  Today, as my daughter takes another big step, the last 3 years flash in front of my eyes and I can’t help but wonder how my baby transitioned from a naughty toddler to a responsible school girl.

In pre primary school was lax, school hours relaxed.
However, all that is about to change.
No more going to bed at anytime, a strict bedtime routine will have to be followed. No more waking up late in the morning or lingering in bed even after waking up. She will now have to wake up at 6 AM.
No time for fussing while dressing up and getting ready for school, she will have to get dressed in a jiffy without much ado.
No more of tantrums during breakfast or lunch, both meals will be in school, without my supervision or without me to coax her and feed her.  No more of mamma to ensure that her favorite veggies are on her plate or that the dal is prepared the way she likes it, she will have to eat the same food which other kids eat.
No more treating academics lightly, studies will mean serious business. No more baby subjects like music, craft, orals, etc she will have real subjects like maths, science and social studies.

She will have to attend school for 5 hours. She will be out of my sight for more than 7 hours. 
I can’t help but worry about how my little one is going to cope with such a massive change in her life. Panic and fear grip me as I think about the tremendous pressure that will be put on her tiny shoulders.
Not so long back when she started her preschool, I was filled with apprehension about my little girl stepping into the big bad world. But I was amazed as to how quickly she adapted to the school routine and gelled into the crowd of the many little ones with pigtails and uniforms, reciting rhymes and alphabets.
Now as she takes another step forward I am worried about how my little one is going to cope with such a significant changes in her routine. Everyone tells me she will adjust, and l for one know she will just the way she did when she started pre school. 
So as my little one embarks on this new journey in her life , I wish her all the very best. Here’s hoping and praying that she  gets accostomed to this big change in her life quickly and that all my fears are calmed soon. Fingers crossed.


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