My Bird Is Ready To Fly…

It was but yesterday,that I held a tiny bundle in my arms
She stared at me looking so pretty,turning up the charm

So helpless she looked, I made a pact
No matter what, I would always protect

Little did I know, what challenges lay ahead,
By the innocent face, I was totally misled

Days passed by and we settled into routine
All the challenges of new motherhood kicked in

Midnight wake up calls by a hungry screaming baby,
Changing diapers, feeding, all made me tired and weary

From a kicking infant, a curious toddler emerged,
Touching everything, new challenges she searched.

Fussing over meals began and also temper tantrums
Yelling, shouting and bawling became the norm

Soon all toddler antics were left far away
And a noisy chatterbox emerged, yapping all day

First steps, first words , all proud milestones for doting mum
Every day a new experience, something new to learn

Rattles, building blocks were soon forgotton
Sharp objects like pens and scissors became much more fun

Water colours, sketch pens soon she was fascinated by
But coloured walls and dirty hands made me sigh

Things would get better, or so I thought,
So naive I was, a better situation I sought

I looked forward to a magical future
Like a mirage in a desert, dissapointment I had to endure

For each phase was more challenging than the former
Which made me realise earlier days were better

Through all these phases one factor was common
I yearned and yearned for some time alone

And then finally, dawned the day
First day of school, hurray!!

I heaved a huge sigh of relief
Finally, some me time, I could not believe!

But as she let go of my hand and walked away
I couldn’t keep the tinge of sadness at bay

Guilty I felt that this day I had badly sought
Why did I not enjoy each phase, with remorse I thought

And now another milestone, she is in class one
So fast time flies, my baby has really grown!

For long hours, she is gone away from me
However the me time is not as magical as I thought it would be

Her being away from me has made me realise
I miss her immensely much to my surprise

The house is so silent, no disturbance of any kind
Everything in its place, so easy to find

And then I start to wonder if this is the beginning
Is my little bird slowly starting to spread her wings?

Panic grips me, I feel a searing pain
I wish my dear child was a baby once again

No amount of wishful thinking can stall time I realise
And whether I like it or not my little one is slowly learning to fly


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