Women’s Day…Or is it?

Its that time of the year. 8th March. So called International Women’s Day. A day when everyone wishes us a happy women’s day. A day when social media is flooded with messages and posts trying to celebrate women.A day when the same messages supposedly to motivate women keep circulating on whatsapp. A day when everyone, right from grocery stores to shopping malls to beauty parlours to slimming centers offer huge discounts to women. And so on….

Well I really find all this silly.  And senseless. And I beg to differ. Why choose a single day to celebrate women? Can’t we be appreciative of the women in our lives the whole  year round? The wife who balances between career and her home? Or the stay at home mum who dedicates her whole being to simply raise her kids well?  The sisters who we take for granted and haven’t called in ages? The friend who is always around to listen to our rants but we often make excuses when it is our turn to hear them out ? Our daughters who we often scream and yell at but fail to realize that we mean the world to them?   The mothers-in-law or sisters-in-law who we always complain about but fail to realize that they too care for us in their own way?The maid who does so much menial work for so less a salary and yet does not complain or flinch when there is some extra chore assigned to her unexpectedly ?

So why wait for women’s day to thank all these wonderful women?  To let them know that they mean a lot you. Why not do it every day? And it doesn’t have to be via lengthy messages like the ones that circulate on social media. We don’t need that . Just small gestures to show you care will do.  Like letting your wife know that it is okay if one day the meal does not turn out right. Or giving your mum an expected hug. Or an unexpected gift for your mother in law. Or spending time with your daughter. Or just a smile to the old lady who lives across. Or a few appreciative words to the woman who sweeps the corridors.

Women play so many different roles and adapt to various situations with such remarkable ease. To say thanks just one day in a year would demean all that they do. So this women’s day pledge to not demean their efforts by superficial messages but show that you care the whole year through!


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