5 pieces of technology that every 90s teenager can relate to…

Every decade has its own set of technological advances as did the nineties. When I look back I cant help but be amused at how awestruck we were of the very same technologies that are so obsolete now. As I take a trip down the memory lane, I hope many of you will share my nostalgia.

1. Yahoo messenger

Back in the 90s, instant messaging was a rage and and messaging tools like msn messenger, aol and yahoo messenger were very popular. I remember rushing home from college/work and connecting to the internet via my dial up connection to get online on yahoo. Back then mobiles were an expensive affair and only a handful of people had them. There was no whats-app or video calling so being able to chat with a person sitting thousands of kilometers away real time was fascinating!

2. Digital cameras

Long before smartphones hit the market and we were taken over by the selfie craze, the only way to take a picture was using an analog camera which required a film to be loaded and allowed clicking only 32 odd photos. So obviously when digital cameras were introduced, people were delighted. Here was a device that allowed clicking unlimited(almost unlimited in comparison with analog cameras) pictures, gave the flexibility to instantly preview pictures and delete the bad ones and transfer and email them !! Although professional photographers still largely use digital cameras, they have become redundant for common people like us thanks largely to today’s smartphones with advanced imaging capabilities

3. Floppy Drives

I’m sure most youngsters of today’s generation may not even have heard of the term floppy drive(God, I really feel very old!!). For those not familiar with the term, a floppy drive is a portable storage device. It is square in shape(3 1/2 inches dimensions) and has a storage capacity of only 1.44 megabytes of data! Nevertheless, in the days of c programs and dos computers it gave us the flexibility to transfer data across computers and was therefore huge! However in today’s world even minuscule pen drives can store gigabytes of data so the poor floppy drive doesn’t stand a chance!

4. Mp3 Players

Back in the nineties , iPods and other Mp3 players hit the market big time. Prior to mp3 players, we only had walkmans and discmans(funny sexist names for portable music players now that I think of it). So a minuscule mp3 players which allowed thousands of songs to be carried on the go seemed like a huge technological advance. However today, most MP3 players have lost their sheen thanks to again the smartphones of today which come with huge storage capacities and fast internet speeds which make online music possible.

5. Camcorders 

A few days back while on a cleaning spree I spotted my husband’s old camcorder. I remembered him telling me that he had bought it in the late 90s while he was abroad and that everyone was in awe of this video recording device when he got home! Back then live video capturing was unheard of and so it was no wonder that everyone was bowled over by this device! Also, the fact that camcorders were tape based  and stored the recorded data on video cassettes did not bother anyone since cassettes were not as outdated as they are today.  However, towards the early 2000s cassettes got replaced by flash memory and SD cards thus making cassette based camcorders redundant, leaving me with no option but to chuck the old camcorder into the trash bin.


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